Organic Pretzels

Organic Pretzels

What can we say? Wholly organic, wholly delicious, and made from seven wholesome, satisfying whole grains for tasty snacking that really hits the spot!

Organic 7 Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks


Organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour, organic vegetable oil (organic expeller pressed sunflower oil and organic expeller pressed palm fruit oil), organic whole flax flour, organic honey, organic whole oat flour, organic sesame seeds, organic evaporated cane juice (medium invert syrup), organic whole rye flour, salt, organic whole brown rice, organic whole millet flour, organic whole barley flour, organic whole buckwheat flour, yeast, soda.

Allergen statement

This product contains wheat and sesame seeds. It is also made on a production line that produces other pretzels that may contain milk and soy ingredients.
Nutrition Facts Label
OUD No Cholesterol 0g Trans Fat No Preservatives